Interview Adam Brown ( Striker , Kobra & The Lotus )

05.01.2016 11:22

Hi Adam, first thank you for the interview.

Y.M- I have understood that Striker will release a new album "Stand in the Fire," How will this new album sound?

A.B- Awesome! It covers a lot of different styles. My favourite song “Out for Blood” features a saxophone, but once you hear it, it makes way more sense haha. Still getting that classic Striker sound though, big vocals, awesome guitar solos, catchy riffs.

Y.M- Your first album "Eyes in the Night" was an album very Speed, the second "Armed To The teeh" more melodic, the third "City of Gold" a set of the previous two, how will this new album, will be like before or it will be very different?

A.B- Tough to say- It’s really heavy, with big production, yet the songs as melodic as ever. I’d have to say it’s closest to City of Gold. Not quite as fast as Eyes in the Night. Hopefully it stands on its own though!

Y.M- What do you think evolution between this new album and the previous ones?

A.B- I think it’s a pretty natural progression. We’ve learnt a lot over the years, but still know what we like to hear and what we like to play. I think Striker fans will be pretty happy with the outcome. The sound has definitely been evolving over the years, but the spirit remains the same!

Y.M- Your new video and single "Too Late" is a very melodic song while very heavy, is this the main line of the album?

A.B - Yeah, you could say that. Too Late is probably the slowest song on the album, most of it is quite heavier. It’s a rad tune though and we thought it would make a good video, so we did it. But yes, melodic and heavy, that’s definitely the right idea haha

New Striker - Video " Too Late " :

Y.M- How was the tour with Kobra and the Lotus ?, how did it feel to play with another band that was not yours?

A.B- Well! It was a pretty great experience. I grew up with their guitar player since I was 8 years old, and we started getting into metal and music at the same time. Never really has the chance to play with him though, so it was awesome in that way. The music was a little more technical, I definitely learnt a lot as a drummer and met some great people along the way!

Y.M- What was the best concert remember this tour?

A.B- Best concert with Kobra and the Lotus, I would probably have to say Graspop Festival in Belgium. Saw Lemmy backstage, never realizing that would be the last time! All in all that festival is amazing, great bands and great people.

Y.M- Now (Striker) you begin a tour with Primal Fear and Brainstorm How this tour presents?

A.B- Sooooooo excited for this tour! We all grew up listening to Primal Fear, and it is really an honour to get to tour with them. They recently signed a deal with Rock the Nation, a booking agency, who we are also working with. After years of touring and making albums you eventually make a name for yourself, and meet the people that will give you opportunities like these.

Y.M- From your second album "Armed To The Teeth", there have been several changes of formation, really only ye remain Dan and you Why so many changes?

A.B - I’m not sure if the average person realizes the intense sacrifices band members make to do what they love. Touring takes you away from having a real job, family, relationships. It’s hard on the body and the mind. We’re still close friends with everyone who’s been in the band, and are happy to have played beside them. If we were making millions of dollars I’m sure it wouldn’t have been an issue haha but not everyone is ready to sleep in a van and drive 12 hours a day though!

Y.M- I have seen that you have changed the logo of the band , Why?

A.B- Well! The logo hasn’t really changed…different artists have put their own vision on it over the years. If you’re talking about the cool swords we’ve been using, it’s because for years we’ve been talking about creating a kind of Striker “crest”, or something that would be printed on a beer tap handle. This is just the first step really!


Y.M- Currently both in Europe and in Canada speak of a spring called "Old School Heavy Metal" bands like Cauldron, Skull Fist, Axxion, Mortillery or Striker (Canada) Enforcer, Ambush, Wolf, Ram (Europe) What do you think about this?

A.B- I think it’s awesome. I hope one day we do one massive tour with all the bands and take over the world. It’s really great to hear people making good music though! We all bring our own style to it really, and it’s a small community, I think I know someone personally in each of those bands. I think the more one band succeeds, the more we all succeed really. So best of luck to them all!

Y.M- Why do you think they do not have these bands for the major European festivals (Hellfest, Wacken,Graspop ,  Download ....) Or here in Spain (Leyendas del Rock, Rock Fest ....)?

A.B- Well! Sometimes they do… sometimes they don’t. That’s really a statement about the industry and “Who you know”, often it’s the booking agent that will get you that festival spot and has very little to do about the band themselves.

Y.M - Can it be that so-called big bands have fear that you erase your map with incredible direct?

A.B- If big bands are afraid of anything, I’m pretty sure it’s not Striker haha. Yeah, we’re younger and better looking… but I think they are doing just fine.

Y.M- Adam Well thank you very much for the interview, hope to see our country in this new tour you begin in short, would you like to add anything?

A.B- Thank you! For keeping metal alive \m/