Interview with Andy Dowling Australian band LORD

13.10.2015 12:44


1 Here in Spain despite already have a few discs are to much of the public strangers How to explain the history of the band to give you know?

LORD was originally called ‘Dungeon’ and we have been playing for 26 years. In late 2005, we decided to change the name of the band to LORD and have released several albums and EP’s since. We have been very busy!



2 Your latest album is a true wonder How compositional themes emerged for such a masterpiece?

Thank you! The new EP was centered around the title track ‘What Tomorrow Brings’, however we decided to also include a number of unreleased songs to ensure we had as much music on there for fans as possible! There are no common theme’s between the songs, and the title track is the spotlight. Everything else is a bonus!

3 opening track on the album and is also the title of the "What Tomorrow Brings" is a great song over 25 minutes long !!!! How did you come to put that idea so long to open the disc subject?

Lord Tim wrote the song ‘What Tomorrow Brings’ which is a long and complex story of a man faced with tragedy. In fact, LT has written a very long and great post about the song itself. If you want to know more about that song, you can read about it here -


4 In this album there are four very different versions, the pop (A-HA) rock (The Police, Little River) or heavy metal (Helloween) How was it to do these disparate versions?

We love to record cover songs and we love lots of different music. We love pop, rock and of course metal! We always try to find songs that we love and turn them into LORD songs!

5  To me especially liked the version of A-HA, nothing to do with the true do ye think the same? For you it is the best that you to stay?

We like to make the song our own. We respect the original, but we make it sound like a LORD song. I do love that song. It’s very cool!


Video for the song "The Haunted" from his new CD "What Tomorrow Brings" :

6 And now (October 16) You start a tour with Helloween for your country How has this tour?

Yes, we are playing with Helloween in Sydney which will be a lot of fun! We have played with many of our metal heroes such as Queensryche, Gamma Ray, Megadeth and Saxon, but we have never played with Helloween before. We are excited! They are a big influence for the band.


Trailer Lord Australian Tour 2015 :

7 Are there plans to present your album in Europe?

The new EP is only available through our website - We have no plans to release the EP in Europe at the moment.

8 How is the metal scene for Australia?

It’s great! We have many many great bands that are doing amazing things. Some very cool bands include Voyager, Taberah, Silent Knight, Damnations Day, The Eternal, Harlott and many more!

9 Your style reminds me at times to Dream Theater, Queensrÿche in others but having your own hallmark How does this sound so characteristic of Lord achieved?


We have many many different influences from pop to rock to metal! No matter where the influence comes from, we always make sure it sounds like LORD!

 10 What are the major influences for the band?

Our big metal influences are Helloween, Queensryche, Dokken, Symphony X and Iron Maiden. We have many influences in pop and rock music as well.

11 How do you sum up a show of Lord live?

Our live show is high energy, lots of guitar solos, big sing-a-longs and lots of fun! We always love to have fun on stage and try to make sure the crowd has fun as well.

Good interview here hope you liked and heart may have many successes and we see them, would you like to add anything?

Thank you very much! This was a fun interview! I hope we can do an interview in person one day!

Could you send a greeting to our readers Young Metal magazine?

Hello fans of Young Metal Magazine! I hope you enjoy our music and that we can play for you all in Spain one day. Always remember to stay true to your passion and never give up!

Video of the song "Forever" from the album "Set in Stone", all a great song with some great changes of pace that I at least impressed me, and also the video has a story behind it is amazing, enjoy !!!! !