Interview with Steven Wussow (Xandria) 2015 Napalm Records

07.10.2015 10:42
Hi Steven, first thanks for this interview
We were at the concert that you brought into the Leyendas del Rock What can you tell us that day, I taste?
Steven: Hey what a day! This festival was impressive. Really we do not know what to expect as it was our first festival show in Spain. We did a couple of club shows before. But the place was full and people went far beyond crazy! For me it was the highlight of the festival season.
Sacrificium your last album was for me the best of your career, you have now released an EP called Fire & Ashes I have not yet had the pleasure of listening, what can you tell us about this your last work?
Steven: Well, if you liked "Sacrificium" you'll love "Fire & Ashes"! We have 3 new songs, marks the path that began with "Neverworlds End" and "Sacrificium". Besides that also we have 2 and 2 Remakes Coverversions Xandria Classics on "Fire & Ashes". A very different and enjoyable package. You must get you a copy as soon as possible ;-)
Vocalist Dianne love your disk, but I was impressed live with those tones of voice How do to have that voice so spectacular?
 Steven: Dianne studied classical voice in a large Dutch conservatory. She completed her studies with a Master of Arts. We are very fortunate to have this incredible talent lady in our band.
Since the beginning of the band has always been various changes of female vocalist. Is it something that Xandria always clear, it has to be female vocalist to join the band?
Steven: Xandria has always been a band with a female leader. He would have no reason to change all their sound and style just because a band member leaves. Always is the song and not the singer ;-)
Now you are a band so you could see in the fully conjoined Legends and it shows that You enjoy the scenery Is it true?
 Steven: Hahaha! Clear! Thoroughly enjoyed this show! Hey how not enjoy a show in front of about two thousand maniacs totally crazy singing, smiling, just going crazy to our music! So we fell in love with Spain!
You are from Germany, how is currently the Heavy Metal in your country?
 Steven: Heavy Metal never had "problems" here in Germany. It has always been alive and well. Even in the early 90s when everyone tried to make us believe that the metal was dead. Good joke by the way: D, plus all veterans Helloween, Blind Guardian or Rage is a new wave of amazing new bands like Orden Ogan or Powerwolf here in Germany. So I think the future of the German metal is more than assured.
Video of the album "Fire & Ashes" , This song's name is " Voyage of the Fallen "
On some issues can remind Dianne Tarja (Nightwish) Is this a big influence on the band?
Steven: Of course! Nightwish classics are more or less a model for all the genre. So be compared with Nightwish is always high praise. Although to be honest, I see many similarities. But beauty is still in the eye of the beholder.
Go out on tour until later this year with Powerwolf, which unfortunately does not pass through Spain
 What can you tell us about this tour?
Steven: We just finished the first part of this tour. All places were fully booked and even sold out. The 3 bands are maxed out. The atmosphere of the whole travelparty and the fans is amazing. So this is close to perfection.
Is there a chance that the tour passes through Spain?
Steven: Well, who knows what could happen next year. Perhaps there is an opportunity for us to do some more concerts in Spain. But again, this is like looking at the famous crystal ball. Let's hope for the best. Or to make it short, if we offer to return to Spain and play a couple of shows we would be quite pleased!
Well here the interview, I hope you enjoyed, Anything to add?
Steven: I would like to thank all our Spanish fans for their love and support! Xandria expected to be back in your beautiful country very soon!