Review CD Strangers - Survival ( 2015 The Fish Factory )

22.10.2015 19:51

Disc exquisite quality melodic hard rock to fans of bands like Treat, Nelson or Alias Produced and mastered by singer of Swedish band Eclipse incredible, Erik Martersson, with a sound that has nothing to envy to any foreign band, any fan of this genre (including myself included) will love, incredible melodies that game outfitted with keyboards and guitars in unison you hooked to the first

The first track "Never Stop" recalls his tune about AOR greats such as Alias, here and start to realize you do not hear a ábum anyone, this is the good melodic hard The longing anyone living or have heard 80 bands of this style of that era will come to remember with issues like this "Venom", which will not be the single of this album, but this would be for me without hesitation What comes now leaves you puzzled, turn up the volume wherever you are listening to this great album and enjoy "Angel", will take your breath away !!!! Now comes the ballad of the album "Stand By" that recalls the great Foreigner many of his best time with a saxophone playing background remaining in this awesome theme, great ballad !!!

Disc Trailer:

It seems as strange that their issues will remind many bands Hard 80 but is, and is not bad if not the opposite, this band combine the best known at the time, put it together in this "Survival" and out that others enjoy and I for one really I do appreciate it With "Burning Within" "we stand and remember about Winger at its best, an issue that comes only "Forever" it is one of those ballads to get together or hold with your partner (if you have one) and listen carefully while ye in great times together "Beyond Your Eyes" is possibly the most hard-rock theme of the whole album, with stunning guitars, which have to be spectacular it can be witness live Journey to this principle in "Heroes" makes really think and lame cd box and look if any component of this American band is a member of a great song !!!!

"Light" next topic probably has the best choirs from all over the disk, these guitars and keyboards that you put inside, this song could have been written in the late 80 perfectly, but with a very contemporary sound and production And unfortunately we reach the end of the critique of an album that quite possibly by the Maverick is the best without doubt this 2015 in paragraph Hard-rock, great songs, great production very good musicians and highlight the voice of Oscar O 'Brien, one of the things in this country, unfortunately, in the sense Hard-rock lacked was that there were good singers in English, many bands still having a good singer could tell much that English was not his native language (so to speak so) and both the album and the Maverick have 2 great singers in the language of Shakespeare The album ends with the song "Dreamer" Another melodic Hard whiplash, to finish with a disc 10 !!!!!