Review Mindless Sinner - The New Messiah (2015 Pure Steel )

13.01.2016 11:25

Mindless Sinner is considered one of the founding bands of the movement Heavy Metal in the 80s in Sweden, lost more circuits under and with the breath of worship, not like Europe known, so his return from the ashes has much merit, I'm glad Pure Steel Records has given them the opportunity to launch this remarkable bet, available since last October 16.

The cover still keeps certain retro retain those years semitransparent diabolical figure, in this case about to speak (on steel?) To a forum of leaders anyone cares, they will never understand us !.


No doubt the very best is music, and from the first second of those six strings and light tempo of "Men Of Steel", feel the Heavy Metal with generous melody, big guitars doubling masterfully and alone flashy, just and correct rhythm, choirs totaling, with input to the voice of Christer Göransson, that despite the passing years and retains a clear strong voice, very style of those lands. Until they surprised by the seventies and rock "Where Worlds Collide",of course after that sharp rush things in the voice twists to Metal, and how !.

Men of Steel :

The best thing is that there is excess "sugar", this music is really Metal engages without boring, with just distillation claw for that pleases many, by a still-quality sound. In short, there are good compositions that make this The New Mesiah a remarkable drive and nothing to envy those who have recently brought renowned bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Saxon.

" The New Messiah " could remember the latter, although the distinction is in a dark and heavy atmosphere, with an infectious chorus, insurance contagion !. "Follow Your Path" has more Iron Maiden wave due to the tuning of those guitars and galloping bass, could not be more attractive. That smell is not abandoned in "Terror", with a very measured time,overflowing harmony in the chorus and great tap. "We're The Ones" going all out from the start, fast and direct shear.

Mindless Sinner Live in Metalcova Fest VII , Barcelona 08/11/2014 , "Voice of the Doomed" :

" Dance Of The Devil ",makes us feel that dance with the devil, pure mead for a metalhead. Much changes the environment with heavy and dim " Time Of Fear ", I am less convinced but has good moments for cervical gymnastics. A typical of those dollars " Step Into The Fire ", very, very fast to fixed gear, you happen to end "Metalizad "starts acoustic, instrumental jump into the abyss of time and other means of steel well run.

Dance of The Devil :

Good, very good these Swedes, "Rest" has laid them great. I would say it is highly recommended to give a listen to disc. True Metal of the old school with a very modern approach, so the average of my variables evaluated in this style out of 8 points out of ten. Greetings to all metal.