Review Mythra - Still Burning (2017 High Roller Records)

28.03.2017 12:41


"Review  Mythra - Still Burning"

"Pure essence NWOBHM without more"

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New album from the British band North East, Mythra, band emerged from the NWOBHM era and that is just what we can find in this new album, pure harmony, great guitar riffs and a great singer (Vince High), Mythra We could see it for the first time in our country a few months ago at the Barcelona Metalcova festival accompanying another great band from this golden age of Heavy Metal, Demon, and I can assure you that if they sound on the album well you can imagine it live, simply Incredible !!!

This "Still Burning" begins with the song that gives title to the disc and that we had already heard during the Metalcova Fest 2016 (that presented as a world premiere) subject that surpasses in little the three minutes of duration and that goes directly to the neck, enormous Guitar riff and a hyper-catchy chorus, huge way to start a great record.

It follows "A Call To All", with two listeners you have already fallen in love with the subject, pure British essence of the 80s by the 4 sides, does not reach the three minutes of this song but you do not need more, Highlight the impressive production of this album, the guitars sound like they have to sound and the voice to the same tone, of the best productions without being as expensive as the so-called big bands that I have ever heard !!!

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"That Special Feeling" sounds like it would have to sound many bands of the remaining 80's of the UK, do not try to be different to anyone and with songs as direct as you are fan of them if or if you love Heavy Metal As it really has to sound, direct and without contemplations, no double hype or strange voices to be different from anyone, for what?

A great guitar solo by John Roach begins "Ride The Storm" that hooks with Vince's voice, being one of the most metallic subjects of the album, the riff of this theme are priceless, this live has to sound like a Cannon, very good the only one in the middle of the song and the repentance with the battery and the voice, possibly one of the best songs of the disc.

The speed comes with "Survival" and Vince singing to Lemmy but rather more melodic, great changes of pace paused while powerful and with a double guitar solo that spliced ​​with what distinguishes this band from the rest with some Great riffs.

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"Battle Cry" is a theme to move the head and not stop from the beginning, it reminds me by moments to the first Maiden of the era Paul Dianno, impressive refrain, of these songs that hook to the first and like the first ones of the album, Short but direct.

"Silence In The Sirens" is pure Heavy Metal essence, fast and hard at the same time, and with a great Vince intoning a song that could be a full-fledged anthem, a great declaration of principles, and pure Heavy Metal to say that we have arrived and we are here to stay !!!

And if you think that something slow is missing on the record and you'd like to see how Vince plays with the slow parts do not worry, "Sand of Time" has all this and more, it starts as a ballad to get into the best songs of the album without doubt, a great change of pace of a subject that if it had been composed 30 years ago we would be speaking of a classic of the assured NWOBHM, essence Tygers of Pan Tang but of the way Mythra, very delicious this subject, I could describe it of Many ways but this is the one I can think of right now.

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"Victory of Song" begins with a typical Heavy Metal riff and what makes it special; the entrance of Vince's voice, this gentleman's voice is perfect for the British band, strength and melody united in two, great duet of guitars to the middle of the song.

"We Belong" is a power-ballad with some spectacular changes of pace, with NWOBHM ups and downs that leave you frozen, where have you been for so long?

The good thing is over and what really special is left for you and the end with "Fundamental Extreme" only makes an album of already for itself for me is historical (Time to time), I just want to see them again in one of the best bands (unknown to many) of the NWOBHM has given us a record full of pure Heavy Metal with touches of the great bands of the Hard-rock of the 80 'that make of He's your best job to date without a doubt.

Still Burning (Live Metalcova Fest 2016 ) :

Mythra are:

Vince High - Voice

Alex Perry - Guitar

John Roach - Guitar

Maurice Bates - Bass

Phil Davies – Drums

Track List:

1 Still Burning

2 A Call To All

3 That Special Felling

4 Ride The Storm

5 Survival

6 Battle Cry

7 Silence In The Sirens

8 Sands of Time

9 Victory Song

10 We Belong

11 Fundamental Extreme


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