Review of Lord - What Tomorrow Brings ( 2015 )

06.10.2015 19:49

Write these hallucinating with the disc recorded these Australians Heavy Progressive pure lines, this band is a delight and a real masterpiece album !!!!!!

"What Tomorrow Brings" so it called this sound wonder


The first song that gives title track is a song by 25:32 !!!!! Some will think it's exaggerated, but after listening many times as I write this review is not long at all, my god that great song !!!!! It has everything ups and downs, Hard-Rock, Death, Progressive and most importantly pure Heavy Metal !!!!

The next song "The Haunted" can remember the best Symphony X for that progressive touch and voice can remember at times to Russel Allen, it is also the first single

Video of his song "The Haunted"

After these two amazing songs are four very different versions of these Australians
The first of a archi-known song of the British The Police "Message in a Bottle" theme which is very close to the original, but with the touch of the band itself, if something was missing to this song you liked, LORD gets the love !!!!!!
Next to me the best versions of this album "The Sun Always Shines On TV" pop Norwegians A-HA has a crushing melody of what a classic pop to become a great song from hard rock, must be listen for review, I really love !!!!!
The fourth song of this piece of EP (because of number of songs, not by its duration) is an Australian rock band called Little River Band's theme is "Playing to Win" Lord makes it a piece of Heavy metal version, great song !!!!
Video of his song " Playing to Win "
To end the album better through these versions with one of the greats of the genre such as Helloween curiously revolved with them during this month of October and November by Australian lands, the subject matter is "Someone's Crying" the Pink Bubles Go Ape, for me the last good album that the band recorded with the great pumpkin Michael Kiske
Now let's make history if you are interested to hear more of this great band:
Lord come from Sydney and has been operating since 2003, its leader is Lord Tim (Tim Ian Grose) former leader and former member of the band Dungeon
Discography :
" A Personal Journey " (2003)
" Ascendence " (2007)
" Hear no Evil " EP (2008)
" Live at the Metro " ( 2009 )
" Set in Stone " ( 2009 )
" Return of the Tyrant " EP ( 2010) 
" Digital Lies " ( 2013 )
 " What Tomorrow Brings " EP ( 2015 )