Review Primal Fear - Rulebreaker ( 2016 )

26.01.2016 19:51
New album by the Germans Primal Fear and east and go 11 album very faithful to his style, pure Heavy Metal.
Primal Fear is a band that never disappoint his followers or you like or not but deceive not fool anyone. This Rulebreaker (so called disc) is a great album and where they are for me one of the best compositions ever made by this band.
We started analyzing song by song, the song that opens the album "Angels of Mercy" follows the line generated in other discs face songs like "Metal is Forever" or "Angel in Black" great chorus and double bass at full speed, It is the second single-video of this album.
Video-clip "Angels Of Mercy" :
"The End Is Near" is a typical track of this German power-metal band old-fashioned, large chorus and Ralf as always rising and falling in acute as only he knows.
The next song "Bullet & Tears" could be part of his first major work back in 1998, very melodic guitars while powerful and could be a single perfectly.
"Rulebreaker", a song that also gives title track is also possibly the most commercial song on the album, you enter the first listen
If what you want is power and pure Heavy Metal with a capital "In Metal We Trust" is your song, this issue can not miss on your concerts, it can be an anthem.
Possibly comes the crown jewel of this album and one of the best compositions ever written this band, "We Walk Without Fear" song over 11 minutes long with some ups and downs of impressive tone, great change of pace and what really matters capitalized pure Heavy Metal !!!! in so far this year, the best theme of this brand new 2016.
Video-clip "The end is near" :
"At War With The World" it is a classic big band theme
"Devil In Me" sounds very Judas Priest on the time of Pain Killer, but with a touch Ralf, all a great song !!!
The metal principle of "Constant Heart" immerses you in the 80's with Ralf powerful guitars hyper Heavies, one of the best songs of outstanding disk.
Every great Heavy Metal album has to have a great ballad and Primal Fear as I said in the introduction will not disappoint, they have it and amazing "The Sky Is Burning" introduces you into a rich melody and likely will not stop listening throughout this year.
The album closes with a whole whiplash, as it can not be otherwise "Raving Mad"
We are one of the best albums recorded this German , not wasted none, all the songs you love if or if, some more, some less but overall this is a record that will be among the best of this entered 2016 .