Review Sonata Arctica + Triosphere + Striker , Barcelona 04/03/2017, Sala Bikini (2017 Nuclear Blast)

11.03.2017 14:44

"Sonata Arctica + Triosphere + Striker Concert"

"Barcelona 04/03/2017, Sala Bikini"

"The triumph of Heavy Metal above all else"

This Saturday was a very important day to see a poster with three great bands in the world of Heavy Metal very different from each other but very attractive at the same time. When we arrived at the Sala Bikini, it was already clear that the concert in the audience was going to be very big, everything was accompanied on Saturday by the presentation of the new album by the Finnish Sonata Arctica, "The Ninth Hour" and two big bands, From Canada, Striker brought new album under the arm with the title of the band name "Striker" and from Norway Triosphere, with the beautiful bass player and singer Ida Haukland in front.

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They opened doors about 7:00 p.m. and the beginning of the first group was prepared to do it at 7:30 p.m. and the queue was so large that I was even afraid of losing the beginning of a group that I love and was one of the Attractive because of attending this concert, Striker. Finally we were able to enter and try to get the best possible place for the Canadian Heavy Metal machines, with the beginning of "Crossroad" we were able to settle and see as well as possible the concert, the clutter of this theme left a little stuck to the Fans of Sonata Arctica (that by what was seen in the concert very few they knew Striker ???) followed a whole thrashing of his new disc, concretely the openning song of the album "Formed Glory" and this little by little was turning into a pressure cooker, since I saw Striker for the first time in Barcelona in 2013 I hadn’t stop following this group and I have to say that the energy they give off live and the force of how they come on stage today "Locked In" was the first song of "Stand In The Fire" which they played until 4, the way to exchange the single Timothy Brown and Simon Fallon simply spectacular, you have to see them to know what I'm saying, I was following the one that for me is one of the best songs of the band "Lethal Force" that belongs to "Armed To The Teeth".

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La imagen puede contener: una persona, en el escenario, tocando un instrumento musical, noche, guitarra y concierto

 Only the slow start to come up with some awesome riffs ... It's just that they left you frozen !!!, Here I am totally disgusted and from here everything that came was sublime. They continued with two songs of "Stand In the Fire", "Phoenix Lights" and "Out For Blood" in which the band alternated to climb to the platforms that had on stage, suddenly rose Dann (singer) The guitarists went up to leave us literally stunned, it was time to present their new single, as is normal in them pure melodic Heavy Metal "Born To Lose" and this unfortunately was running out, and the audience totally delivered played the single from their previous "Too Late", very commercial, shocking and very eighty and end the already anthem of the band "Fight For Your Life" in which the public sing to satiety their typical "Fight For Your Life, Fight For You Freedom" . After Striker's concert I made a serious mistake and it was to get out of where I was watching the concert and to enjoy it as I could from the distance, the room was so crowded that it was quite difficult to get a place to see what was left of the concert !!!


At about 8:30 pm, the Norwegians Triosphere performed with the song that opens their last album of 2014 "The Heart Of The Matter", with some hyper-powerful guitars the band came out with "My Fortress" and here it dazzled Ida with his precious Voice, followed "Steal Away The Light" belonging to the same work, the sound that had the room was simply spectacular and made it sound perfect, but this is a great band but for me too cold live, we continued with "Driven" And "As I Call" seemed to be programmed so that everything was equal and linear, which on the one hand can be very good but sometimes as on this day I became very bored at times. They had a very good base with bass Ida and drummer Kenneth Tarneby, and they sounded strident and strong for what came to, the final stretch with "Breathless", "Relentless" and the song with some impressive choirs and that seems to be his Hymn "Heart's Dominion", and they finished and left us for another occasion, I hope to enjoy them in other conditions and not as miraculously I could because as I was saying the room was too full, I would say that they sold some more input, But there was a lot of public.

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It was the turn of the heads of the poster, the Finnish Sonata Arctica that as you could see this day the band in a few years has grown as few, I personally had never seen the Bikini room with a full long. They began with the typical intro that they take in this tour with the name of "We Are What We Are" to get into the song that opens their album "Closer To An Animal", the stage was totally set in his new work and with All very careful, some smoke cannons welcomed the band to continue with the precious single of "The Ninth Hour", "Life" in which the whole audience was talking about its easy refrain, we continued with one of his most famous hits " The Wolves Die Young "in which they spliced ​​with a song of "Unia", "In Black And White", everything was coming out perfect, a great sound, a great Tony Kakko to the voice (possibly the best time I've seen it) But something was missing from the concert, everything was too perfect.

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 They strength as Striker had broken off a couple of hours ago. The nostalgic part of the live came with the beautiful ballad "Tallulah" in which it seemed that everyone respectable knew the subject to see how they sang each of the verses, he returned the reed with "Fairytale" which was the prelude to his greatest success To date, the theme that made them aware of their first album "Ecliptica", "Fullmoon" put up the room, with everyone bouncing and leaving their souls literally, then low intensity to interpret themes not so well-known The band as "Abandoned, Pleased, Brainwashed, Exploited", we returned to their new album to get us full (and complete) "We Are What We Are" and withdrew from the stage with "The Power of One ".

It was the final track with "Misplaced" that it was very clear that the biggest fans of the band love this song with which they left their throats completely, and possibly next to "Fullmoon" one of the most acclaimed songs was undoubtedly "I Have A Right", the easy and commercial refrain has become his last hit and it has been a great success to put it in the bises, what song can be missing so that everything is round in a Sonata Arctica concert? Indeed "Do not Say A Word" was the end and end with many smoke curtains and the typical ole, ole, ole among the public.

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Great concert of three great bands in which it seemed to me a winner without a doubt, the Canadian Striker, band that is going to more and more, only they lack that the great festivals believe by them, to bring to Striker is to do abet that they know that they will winn.

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